Third Annual Whole Health Nation Festival

The third annual Whole Health Nation Festival will be held Saturday, January 4, 2020 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Zen in downtown Greenville. Event organizers have gathered local vendors including farmers, health practitioners, herbalists, dancers and others. There will be classes, demonstrations, information sharing with vendors, and healing sessions. The focus this year is the water element and the secret power of emotions. The goal is to demonstrate healthy options available in our community.

We often look at physical symptoms yet ignore the emotional content that contributes to disease. At this event, attendees will discover various hydrotherapy options, learn the science of water and move in flow as guests celebrate a day of health and community connection. The experience of this event reflects the multi-dimensional aspects of healthy individuals in community.

According to the festival website, we are 70 percent water. Water is a unique element which corresponds to our emotional nature. It is a refresher, a transformer, a carrier of energy, a place vital for chemical processes within us, and much more.

Whole Health Nation advocates true connection; with purpose and creativity, we can transform our individual and collective health. This event will help attendees start off the New Year with information about attaining better health and well-being.

Zen is located at 924 S. Main St., Greenville. For more information about the festival, text INFO to 864-210-2920, call June Ellen Bradley at 828-899-2787, or visit See also the November 2019 news brief regarding the Plant Friends Class  hosted by Whole Health Nation and Zen.