Subluxation and the Slow Progression of Disease

Subluxations are misalignments within the spine that put endangering stress and pressure on the nerves and spinal cord. The central nervous system acts as the intelligence line for the whole body; it controls and coordinates every function that the human body performs, with the spinal column acting as the conduit. Subluxations can shut down the nerve messages going to body organs.

When the body has nerve pressure of this kind, it is not necessarily felt, but the condition of subluxation is allowing damage to progress as the malfunction continues. Over years, this can develop into specific conditions. While conditions like breast cancer may take only a few years to develop, degenerative disc disease may take 30 years and cardiovascular disease, decades. Type II Diabetes may take 10 years and osteo-arthritis covers a range from five to 25 years to develop.

After development of damage has progressed for some time, chiropractic care will take longer to show results than if the malfunction is caught earlier and care starts at the beginning of the process. It is important for those getting chiropractic work once symptoms are felt to be patient, continue their care, and recognize that since the damage took some time to develop, it will take some time to heal.

The good news is that a subluxation check-up often takes less than 45 minutes to perform and is quite affordable. In fact, most chiropractors give complimentary consultations to help determine if the patient is actually at risk of having subluxations. If the answer is yes, the patient can turn the tide of the malfunction by starting the process of chiropractic care.

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