Prolotherapy Available at All About Pets

All About Pets is a holistic veterinary practice operating in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. Owner Dr. Jeanne Fowler offers an integration of conventional and holistic services that include diet and nutrition, acupuncture, homeopathy, Chinese herbals, orthopedic manipulation and prolotherapy.

On her website, Dr. Fowler, states: “Normally tendons and ligaments go through a repair and healing process, which takes four to six weeks. When the injury doesn’t heal, but becomes chronic, anti-inflammatory drugs may actually slow or stop the process. When rest and pain medication fail, it is usually because they don’t address the underlying problem.”

She adds, “Acupuncture, orthopedic manipulation, massage therapy and physical therapy are often very effective in treating such cases. For chronic cases that do not respond, prolotherapy is a wonderful choice. It is helpful in dealing with chronic arthritis, back injuries, stifle injures, overuse injuries, athletic injuries, or trauma that has never healed. It stabilizes chronically weak and unstable joints caused by an injury to the supporting ligaments.”

She also notes that prolotherapy has existed for over sixty years and that about 85 percent of patients have had good to excellent results that are long lasting.

“Patients are able to drastically reduce or eliminate pain medication with its attendant side effects, or avoid expensive or risky surgical repairs. George Hackett, MD, a prolotherapy pioneer, proved that strengthening connective tissue relieves soft tissue pain in a research study in the respected medical journal Lancet.”

In an additional note, she reminds owners that pets must be off of NSAID drugs for seven days before this procedure may be done, and to confer with Dr. Fowler about your pet’s medications ahead of time.

All About Pets is located at 409 Old Buncombe Rd., Travelers Rest. For more information on services, visit or call 864-834-7334.