Milky Way Farm Sells Only A2 Pastured Raw Milk

Milky Way Farm now sells all A2, pastured raw milk from Jersey cows. While most Jersey cows inherently provide A2 milk, some Jersey cows have tested as A1/A2. Through testing of every cow, Milky Way Farm now assures that all of its milk is 100 percent all A2 raw milk, which has been associated with easier digestion and absorption than typical A1/A2 milk (which primarily comes from Holstein dairy cows).

Recently, A1 versus A2 milk has been in the news due to possible association of A1/A2 milk with gastrointestinal issues and certain diseases. All milk consists of two proteins: beta casein and whey. When digested, A1/A2 milk produces a peptide called beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM-7). A2 milk (primarily sourced from old-fashioned cow breeds like Jersey and Guernsey) does not produce the BCM-7 mutation. Research studies of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have linked BCM-7 with digestive discomfort and bloating, as well as slower cognitive function as the peptide acts like an opiate in the bloodstream. This same study found that a select group of participants, some of whom were lactose-intolerant, reported A2 milk was easier to tolerate than A1/A2 milk. Other NIH studies have suggested BCM-7 may increase the risk of Type 1 diabetes and heart disease, as well as SIDS and autism.

While research on A1/A2 and A2 milk is ongoing and diverse, Milky Way Farm has decided to sell only all A2 milk. By DNA-testing every cow on its dairy farm, Milky Way Farm can assure that its milk is 100 percent all A2.

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