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My Story

Publisher, Roberta Bolduc, a native New Englander, lived in Charlotte for 22 years before moving to Anderson in 2012. A long-time Natural Awakenings fan, she was delighted to find the magazine in a downtown Greenville location. When she discovered the Greenville edition was for sale, she knew being a Natural Awakenings publisher was her destiny. She published her first edition in January 2012.

Roberta was personally and professionally involved in the healing arts for many years. She also has a passionate interest in various spiritual and natural healing modalities. Natural Awakenings’ message of a holistic health style tied to a mind-body-spirit connection that recognizes our responsibility to the planet dovetails perfectly with her own personal philosophy.

“It is a great honor to serve the Upstate community as a primary source of information on maintaining a natural, healthy lifestyle that honors our sacred connection to the planet and all living things.”

Natural Awakenings began as a grassroots movement in 1994 and continues to operate as such.  We are able to provide this free monthly resource with the participation of our advertisers; and in turn, they are supported by our avid readers. Each month, we participate in providing an abundant, flowing, cycle and circle of community-centric energy and information.

Early Roots

Healthy living entrepreneur Sharon Bruckman launched the first Natural Awakenings magazine in Naples, Florida in 1994 in response to a strong local holistic health community and thousands of like-minded readers eager to connect with each other. The publication became an immediate success. A second, Sarasota, edition soon followed. In 1999 John Voell stepped in bringing extensive franchise experience to assist in co-founding Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation.

Today we are 90 markets strong and growing. We serve a thriving community of over 3.8 million responsive readers.

“We rejoice that the wellness revolution I saw emerging all those years ago is now in full swing, propelled by the kind of people who read our magazines and website, and benefiting both our readers and the world,” says Bruckman. “Our job is to keep our finger on the pulse of advancing thought in order to keep everyone apprised of the best healthy-life choices available to them.”

Daily Fruits

Each month Natural Awakenings magazines across the country take a practical look at the latest natural approaches to nutrition, fitness, creative expression, personal growth and sustainable living. We interview national experts we think you’d like to meet. We offer inspiring how-to articles. Each month brings fresh perspective around a timely theme sure to pique your interest.

At the front of each community issue, we present global news and views as a complement to news and events of local interest. We highlight healing arts practitioners in the local area. And we connect you with a wealth of national and local resources mapping out alternate routes to a healthier, happier, longer life. A life that feels good all the way around.

“We love to spread light,” Bruckman smiles. “We rejoice that our readers take responsibility for their own health and well-being. Our magazines speak to them. And the authentic beauty of their lives lets us know how we’re doing. This give and take of collaboration sweetens and enlivens the journey for everyone.”

Awakening one community at a time…naturally.

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