Grace Integrative Medicine: Tips For Moving Through Pain

One of the goals of an osteopathic physician is to work with clients holistically. That means considering the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a medical condition as well as the physical. This is particularly important for those dealing with chronic pain, regardless of the actual diagnosis.

Our bodies were built to move. Movement, especially intentional and joyful movement, impacts every aspect of our health. It is one of the foundations of creating health. Below are a couple of ideas for increasing physical activity.

The morning walk—Get out of your space and walk for 5 to 20 minutes every day in the morning sun. This is not a race. Use it as time to see the world around you and to breathe in deeply. This low-impact exercise affects every aspect of health, especially as part of a daily routine.

Joyful movement—The activity for this is determined by what brings a smile to your face or joy to your spirit. Perhaps it is dancing with your children or grandchildren, or taking a short walk through a garden or park. Perhaps you love to garden or walk your dog. Find the thing that you enjoy the most and then start slow.

A good rule of thumb for those with chronic pain is to start with only five minutes of movement. As you can tolerate it, increase your daily or every-other-day activity by 5 minutes a week until you get up to 15 to 20 minutes every day. Have some patience and have fun!

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