Circulation Nation Offers Special Programs for Military

Throughout 2019, Circulation Nation in Greer honors members of the military by offering half price memberships to active and retired service personnel, and their spouses, with Military ID. Regular studio memberships are $65 a month, which include a daily 20-minute whole body vibration session and 30-minute far-infrared sauna session. “The concept we offer is whole-body rejuvenation,” says Circulation Nation owner Linda Craig, “but it doesn’t feel like a regular workout which can leave you fatigued and sweaty. Whole Body Vibration feels invigorating and leaves you with a sense of calm and well-being after each session.”

“Whole Body Vibration machines have been shown to work with the circulation and lymphatic systems of the body,” Craig declares. “The oscillating motion loosens things up to help rid the body of toxins, a process which can be aided by drinking the hydrogen-enriched water we have available, and with our far-infrared sauna which furthers the cleansing process in a gentle and effective way. Flushing toxins out of the body creates more room for healthy cells and tissues to repair the immune system, and gets you feeling better faster.”

Circulation Nation is also a Silver Sneakers and Silver Fit provider for those 65 and older. Both programs allow qualified fitness studios to participate with many insurance companies, which pays for membership fees. “Nothing’s better than getting healthy for free,” says Craig.

Circulation Nation is located at 109-E Regency Commons Dr., Greer. For more information to see if you qualify for programs, call 864-593-8217 or visit