Wild Coyote School of Wonder Announces Workshop

Olga Cotter, owner of Mushroom Mountain, in Easley, and naturalist and herbalist June Ellen Bradley, aka JuneBug, have announced the first workshop that will be offered through the Wild Coyote School of Wonder. At 6 p.m. on Tuesday, July 10, the school will introduce participants to the world of abundance and diversity that nature offers. Workshop topics include wild plant identification, medicine making and cooking, and sharing communal meals prepared with love and health in mind. Interested parties should sign up early because the class is limited to 20 attendees.

The workshop includes dining in the field and learning about wild plants and mushrooms that are in season right now. “We will cook for you and teach you about all the benefits of eating wild and healthy foods,” explains Bradley, adding, “Come prepared for some surprise games.” Water will be provided but attendees wishing a different beverage should bring their own.

Cost: $50. Location: Mushroom Mountain. 200 Finley Rd., Easley. For more information, contact Olga at 864-986-5225 or email SporePrints@gmail.com.