Whole Health Nation: Experience the Flow of Health

by Roberta Bolduc

On Saturday, January 4, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., the third Whole Health Nation (WHN) festival will take place at Zen, 924 South Main Street in Greenville. The festival’s focus this year is to experience and explore the water element. Each year, WHN defines around one of the elements, exploring areas of health in ways that are profound and transformative, connecting us with our community while exploring universal aspects of health that improve our human condition.

June Ellen Bradley, well-known herbalist and festival founder, explains her goal in creating this event, “WHN is a movement to encourage citizens of the U.S. to expand and nurture what it means to be healthy in our world today. We started in Greenville three years ago to provide the Carolinas with a forum to exchange and connect in ways that grow our inner and outer resources.”

She adds, “The term, Whole Health, is an unfolding of vitality, strength and awareness. It is bonding with our neighbors and watching out for each other. It is realizing how to be thriving within natural systems that build and regenerate ourselves on multiple levels, allowing all things to grow and flourish. Everything is connected. We celebrate our ability to adapt with resilience, move with grace and come together as a human family. It is knowing who locally provides resources, services and products that increase vitality, community and strengthen our inner wisdom. Best of all, it is fun. You will meet amazing people!”

Some of the presenters participating at WHN include Jackie Woods, discussing
The Secret Power of Emotion”. Woods is founder of the intentional living community, Adawehi Wellness Village, in Columbus, North Carolina. She is an expert in the field of self-actualization with more than 30 years of teaching experience.

Kelly Caldwell, owner of Drift Float and Spa in downtown Greenville, will speak on “Floating Through Trauma”. She will discuss her personal journey and the clinical research around using the powerful tool of floating to heal and manage PTSD, depression and severe anxiety.

Rachel Meriwether, owner of the flower farm, Meriwether Gardens, is a horticulturist with a Master of Science in plant propagation and community agriculture. Her topic is “The Science of Water”. Discussion will focus on the seven chemical properties of water that are essential to life on earth.

In describing the atmosphere of the event, Bradley notes, “As you enter the space, there is sound and color. The opening is performance art. The talks, both scientific and artful, inspire and challenge us. Vendors showcase a diverse local variety of delicious and beautiful items in support of health.

“Lunch is catered by Sun Belly Café. There will also be healing practitioners to experience that can be booked in advance. This year, there will be an open space, the ‘Health Hub’, where attendees can creatively meet around focused topics which will help folks connect and define how to pay it forward.”

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit www.wholehealthnation.com.

Roberta Bolduc is the publisher and a writer for Upstate Natural Awakenings.