Upstate Resident Publishes Informative Book

Upstate resident John Y. Kamin recently published With Liberty and Sickness for all…The Toxins in Our Food, our Environment and Our Minds. It is an in-depth look at toxic food additives and GMOs and their contribution to cancer and other diseases and disorders. His book, which is thoroughly referenced, is a culmination of over four years of research of scientific literature.

Kamin’s book provides compelling evidence about the disturbing decline in the state of health of the American public. He attributes this to the failure of the healthcare industry and the greed of the chemical, biotech and food industries which have led the country in the direction of excessive consumption, addiction and sickness. Kamin also points a finger at the government agencies responsible for informing the public on matters of health for their role in aiding and abetting the promotion of unhealthy food products. With Liberty and Sickness for All shines a light on many of those misdeeds and provides some guidance in eliminating toxins from our lives, along with science-backed solutions to getting healthy.

The book is available in trade paperback at several retail stores around the Greenville area, and at and other online booksellers.

John Y. Kamin can be reached at