Upstate Food Co-op Stocks Natural and Organic Foods

The Upstate Food Co-op is a member-owned volunteer organization celebrating its 40 year anniversary in 2018. “With growing interest in healthier diets,” explains General Manager Theresa Pizzuto, “we provide a local, member-owned resource for many healthy foods, including local produce, dairy, eggs and meat products produced with organic practices. We also carry pet, personal care and cleaning products, as well as a wide variety of high-quality supplements.” They keep the shelf stocked with commonly used bulk items, beverages, produce, prepackaged products, refrigerated and frozen products, as well as culinary and medicinal herbs.

Annual memberships for 2018 will be available beginning January 2 for the low cost of $24 a year. For those who wish to do a test-run, nonrenewable trial memberships are available for one month for $3. Members can place special orders through the suppliers if the co-op does not have the items in stock.

“Members of the Upstate Food Co-op become part of a community of local people who have a strong interest in healthy and high-quality foods, and a voice in how the business is run,” reports Pizzuto. Co-op pricing is done differently than at a conventional health food store. Items are priced at wholesale plus shipping, and state sales tax as well as a mark-up according to membership status is added at the register.

To keep prices low, credit and debit cards are not accepted. Upstate Food Co-op is located at 404 John Holliday Rd, Six Mile. For more information, call 864-868-3105, email or visit