Transform Your Life with Centers of Light and Love, LLC

Certified spiritual life coach Alexandria Pederson, founder of Centers of Light and Love, LLC, is offering a weekly tele-class class, beginning on Thursday, January 25, at 7:00 pm. Pederson indicates that the system of spiritual life coaching that she teaches is a proven method of change and transformation. “The benefit is hope, change and opening up new possibilities. People always say they want their lives to be different. When participants are willing, and apply what they learn, they will be more open and less negative, feel more hopeful and connected, and start to believe that they can have a different and better life,” she explains.

“There are 16 basic lessons: self-mastery, cleaning your mind and re-writing your beliefs, conscious creation, language of feelings, self-parenting and healthy boundaries, creating spiritual relationships, using your EGO as a tool, metaphysical laws, spiritual distinctions, meditation, disciplinas, money mastery, weight mastery, holistic parenting, karma and dharma, and seven spiritual truths.” The class will have weekly homework assignments.

Once a participant is enrolled in the class, Pederson will provide them with the phone number to call and the passcode to enter the tele-class. The duration of the class is nine to ten months, one hour a week. Pederson states, “This will change people’s lives as they are ready and willing to apply the tools that are taught in this series of classes. The information is mind-expanding and all about how to apply it in their lives.”

Fee: $25 a week. Pederson will offer a full or partial scholarship for financial hardship. For more information, call 540-588-0788 or 828-556-1816; or visit