The Mad Smash Rage Room Opening Soon in Taylors

On June 29, The Mad Smash rage room will open at Taylors Mill. The new business will offer rage room options in the form of individual rooms as well as a car smash to accommodate team building events and parties. Massage therapy is offered, as well as stress management classes that teach other relaxation techniques including meditation, aromatherapy, and creative writing.

A rage room is a place where guests put on safety gear and spend a short period of time in a room where they are allowed to let loose and break things. Taking part in a rage room activity allows a person to relieve stress and release negative emotions, and this release of unexpressed emotion relieves physical tension and eases the mind. “Many times, when clients allow themselves to feel unpleasant feelings such as fear, anger, grief and sadness, the emotions related to the negative story dissipate. That helps them to stop reliving those upsetting feelings which, unchecked, can lead to anxiety and depression,” reports owner Jennifer Middleton.

According to an article published in USA Today in November, 2018, rage rooms are a popular stress relief option that have a positive impact on brain health.

The Mad Smash rage room is located at 250 Mill St., Taylors Mill, Taylors. For more information, visit or