The Healing Center Celebrates Anniversary

The Healing Center, in Simpsonville, provides a wide range of wellness practitioners to fill many holistic and alternative healing needs. The practitioners—each previously established as a professional healer on their own—have come together under one roof in order to provide easy access to multiple healing modalities.

Joan Massey, L.Ac., who had a career in conventional medicine for many years, transitioned to natural healing 15 years ago. Her business, Affordable Acupuncture, celebrated its seventh anniversary at the center on September 1. With three acupuncturists as well as a reflexologist, they provide an environment that promotes natural healing and well-being. The practice is not limited to acupuncture and reflexology. Microcurrent facials, cupping, Bemer, and lipotropic injections are just some of the other healthcare services they provide. In addition to private sessions, they also offer community style acupuncture, which makes the service available at a more economical price and allows their patients to come on a regular basis.

Wendy and James McCray, licensed massage therapists of Awakening-Touch, practice therapeutic massage and conscious bodywork. A wide range of therapeutic massage modalities are offered to support personal wellness goals and self-care needs.

Tammy Forbes, of Essential Healing Therapy, comes from a 27-year career in conventional medicine and 11 years as a bodywork therapist. At Essential Healing Therapy, she strives to provide personalized, caring and integrative sessions. Forbes offers CranioSacral Therapy, healing touch, reiki, acupressure, reflexology, tuning forks, and quantum biofeedback as well as therapeutic massage.

The Healing Center is located at 3100 Grandview Dr.( in the Leigh building), Simpsonville. For more information or to set up an appointment, call 864-406-3800 or visit,, and