Shakin N’ Bakin Party in New Building

Circulation Nation (CN) invites the public to their 5-year anniversary party on Saturday, October 14 from noon to 4 p.m. The celebration will include food, drink and music. “After 5 years, we are thrilled to be in a new, bigger building that allows us to house our existing studio and provides the opportunity to add natural health practitioners in massage, craniosacral, reiki, myofascial release, fascia blasting, medi-cupping and personal training,” says owner Linda Craig.

“We are grateful for our loyal members of our whole body rejuvenation studio concept. With the additional of other practitioners, it fulfills our goal of being a one-stop fitness and wellness center.”

CN’s concept starts by hydrating with ECHO “molecular hydrogen-enriched” water. Next is using a vibration platform to improve circulation, and last is detoxing heavy metals and toxins through the relaxing experience of a far-infrared sauna.

“We have many people report increased relief of pain, better sleep, and feeling more rejuvenated after even one session at CN,” says Craig.

CN offers many types of memberships. They also accept Silver Sneakers, Silver & Fit, Blue 365 and Prime-Healthways insurance-related programs. They sell vibration therapy machines, Echo water systems, and far-infrared saunas for home use or for commercial use in setting like practitioners’ offices, health food stores, salons, spas and other fitness locations.

Circulation Nation is located at 109 E-Regency Commons Dr., Greer. For more information, call 864-593-8217 or visit