Rayki School Announces Kauai and Maui Retreats

Makiko Fliss, owner of the Rayki School, is offering an Aloha Kauai Healing Retreat and a Maui Adventure Retreat in Hawaii in October, 2019. Both retreats can be combined for an unforgettable experience.

The Kauai Healing retreat will take place from October 15 to 19. Kauai is the oldest island in Hawaii. Experience the vibrational healing with local healers, get lost in a Hula dance and walk on the beach barefoot.

You have an option to create your own Hawaii vacation and depart the retreat on Sunday, October 20, or continue the retreat following Fliss to Maui to experience the Maui Adventure Retreat from October 20 to 24. “The choices are yours in Maui—visit Ancient Hawaii, the Road to Hana, multiple waterfalls or the Seven Sacred Pools. You will receive Aloha adventure healing, mind-body purification, soul healing and lightbody activation,” notes Fliss.

Lodging is included in the price of both retreats as well as healing activities, guided tours, pre-trip assistance and local guides. “There are only 6 spots still open for these retreats,” adds Fliss.

The Early Bird Special Offers include:

Full 10 Day Retreat (Kauai and Maui), $3000. *$500 non-refundable deposit by 6/21/19.

Kauai 5 Day Only Retreat, $1500. $250 non-refundable deposit by 6/21/19.

Maui 5 Day Only Retreat, $1500, $250 non-refundable deposit by 6/21/19.

For more information on the Hawaiian retreats, go to RaykiSchool.com/retreat-home/hawaii-2019/ or emal Contact@RAYKIschool.com.