Protecting Yourself From 5G And Other EMF Hazards

by Doug Allen

Electro-pollution and EMF stress have become a world-wide concern, and the U.S. population is finally beginning to notice. The rising concern regarding EMF waves and specifically 5Gs impact on the human body has been the focus of many in these troubled times.

According to statements by James S. Turner, Esq., Chairman of the Board, Citizens for Health we live in an invisible fog of EMF which thirty years of science, including over 2,000 peer reviewed studies, shows exposes us to serious health risks such as increased Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, Lou Gehrig disease, EMF immune system hypersensitivity and disruption of brain function and DNA.

Rather than restating the concerns regarding technology and the use of electromagnetic radiation, it is perhaps even more vital to inform the individual about the implementation of protection against such threats. Our hope lies in what is known as the Shumann Resonance, the resonant frequency of our planet. It seems that once again, nature has provided us with protection against our own devices.

Our Earth vibrates at a fairly constant rate of 7.83 hz., which corresponds to the Alpha state of our brains. This is the state that allows us the best ability to relax, as well as solve problems. It is also the brain frequency that is used most during healing.. The Alpha frequency of the human brain is 7.5 – 12.5 hz..

According to Subtle.Energy, Max Planck Institute professor R. Weaver conducted an experiment in which the Schumann Resonance was “found to restore or improve health in individuals living in an underground bunker (i.e., separated from the Earth-ionospheric resonance) and suffering from emotional distress and migraine headaches.” This effect is based on sympathetic resonance. Sympathetic resonance is a harmonic phenomenon in which a formerly passive string or vibratory body responds to external vibrations to which it has a harmonic similarity. The classic example is demonstrated with two similar tuning forks. When one of the tuning forks is truck, the other begins vibrating automatically via resonance. Certain types of oscillators can alter the environment through sympathetic resonance as well. This means that with the right kind of environmental stimulus, you can entrain standing waves not only in the brain but in the body as well.

Whether you are exposed to power lines, WIFI devices, a cell phone, or even 5G, a Schumann Resonance generator can greatly reduce a majority of the harmful effects on your body. Although opinions may vary concerning the dangers of ultra high frequencies,, one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that we must protect ourselves.

Douglas Allen is a Heilpraktiker who specializes in the elimination of electro-pollution and stress. He has studied EMFs for almost 30 years now and trained in Germany, with Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, the worlds pioneer in EMF protection. For more information, call 864-884-5115.