Pets at PAWS Need Homes, Donations: March 2019 Pets

Anderson County PAWS is an open-intake shelter that provided help to approximately 7,000 animals last year. Kim Sanders, their director and veterinarian, says the goal of PAWS is to find loving and wonderful homes for all of the animals that come into their care.

Upstate Natural Awakenings would like to introduce you to a couple of their star residents.

Little Bit (left): 1.5-year-old running enthusiast. Horrible cook (at least I’m honest). As graceful as a porcupine in a balloon shop. Lover of all things furry. My home for the last 141 days has been PAWS. While they love me and my personality, I want a home of my own.

Labracadabra (right): 2-years-old, ladies’ man, hiking fanatic. I was an only child growing up, so I can be a bit awkward in social situations. I am a foodie at heart. WFFT: Will Fetch For Treats. Living in the same kennel for 62 days. I think it is time for a new adventure!

Hours: M, T, Th, Fr, Sat, noon-6 p.m.; closed Wed and Sun. PAWS Shelter, 1320 Hwy. 29 S., Anderson (half a mile from Bypass 28). Visit to view animals available for adoption.