Oscar’s Story

This is a story reported to us by an NA reader  and her courageous father who said no to a terminal diagnosis of Stage IV cancer.  In August, 2014, at the age of 58, Oscar was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer. His daughter, Ilka, tells of his journey from one of pain and despair to natural healing and a full recovery.

Question: What was your father’s condition when he was diagnosed with Stage IV Colorectal Cancer in 2014?

Answer: My father’s weight had dropped to 117 lbs. He was in excruciating pain and taking prescribed pain killers that did not ease the pain. He was finally put on morphine.

Question: What was his prognosis?

Answer: A team of doctors informed us that the cancer had spread to his liver, causing two large tumors and a small nodule on his lung. The doctors were worried that his fragile body wouldn’t withstand the strong chemo he would have to endure.

Question: What did you decide as a course of treatment?

Answer: I discussed with my father using cannabis oil, which is legal in California where he then was living, along with CBD oil as part of his treatment. He agreed, and we informed his oncologist. We decided on 12 rounds of chemo, the cannabis and CBD oils and a radical change in his diet.

Question: What were the changes in diet?

Answer: We decreased the amount of red meat he consumed, increased the amount of greens he ate and completely eliminated all dairy from his diet and substituted almond milk in its place. My aunt prepared a soursop* smoothie which he drank each morning.

Question: Did you see any immediate changes in his health?

Answer: About a week after his alternative treatment started, he went from taking 6-8 percocets a day to only needing 1-2 to control the pain. Over the next few months, my father’s health started to skyrocket. He wasn’t nearly in as much pain, his mood had improved tremendously and he also gained about 35 lbs. I believe this special regimen and the fact that he took it daily, without skipping a day, helped prevent nausea and/or weight loss.

Question: What happened next?

Answer: In April 2015, my father’s colorectal cancer went from inoperable to operable. We were told 40 percent of his liver needed to be removed in order to clear some of the cancer. However, after only three hours of what was expected to be a seven-hour surgery, the surgeon told us that he searched the liver for the two large tumors, but they were nowhere to be found. He had found some small, tiny ones, but the two large tumors had disappeared. It was necessary to remove only about 10 percent of his liver. The lab results on the tiny tumors came back negative for cancer cells.

Question: How is your father’s health today?

Answer: My father has been in remission for two years now. The small nodule on his lung entirely disappeared. In June of this year we were told by his oncologist that his latest scans came back NED (no evidence of disease). From weighing a fragile 117 lbs he now weighs in at 183lbs. Without holistic medicine I am almost certain my father wouldn’t be alive today.

*Note: Soursop is a fruit tree found in Mexico, the Caribbean and parts of South America. Some health benefits reported include its ability to kill parasites, reduce inflammation, improve respiratory conditions and boost the immune system. Some of the most interesting benefits of soursop relate to its antioxidant activity, which namely comes from acetogenins, as well as quinolones and alkaloids. These have been directly linked to cancer prevention and the reduction in size of tumors. For more information, go to OrganicFacts.net/health-benefits/fruit/soursop.html.