Newly Renovated Office at Auger Family Chiropractic

After 25 years of helping thousands of people “live a better life,” Auger Family Chiropractic Clinic has renovated their office. “We have updated the building’s look, added more natural light inside, and re-worked the landscaping. As part of our patients’ healing process, they enjoy a uniquely beautiful and uplifting environment.

Our patients often comment on how much they enjoy just being here, and children and adults alike love viewing the huge “Under The Sea” mural on our 18 foot wall,” says Wellness Coordinator Connie Hood.

The main benefit of Auger Family Chiropractic is its stated commitment to “very precise adjustments to the spine,” which, they explain, improves nerve flow between the brain and the body. “When this occurs,” Dr. Auger explains, “multiple areas begin to function better—hence, “A Better Life.”

Auger Family Chiropractic is located at PC 1315 Haywood Rd., #2, in Greenville. For more information, call 864-322-2828 or visit