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Natural Pet.

Six Remedies for Relief

Three Signals of Anxiety

A Key to Good Health

Gentle Ways to Calm Allergies

Their Gentle Empathy Helps Us Heal

Why the Best Vets Use It

The Best are Pet, People and Planet Friendly

How to Slim a Fat Feline

Tips for Keeping a Pet-Friendly Home Clean

How to Help Injured Animals

Icy Treats for Hot Summer Days

How to Prevent, Detect and Treat Heatstroke

As outdoor temperatures heat up, pets may suffer from the effects of increased ambient temperatures. While problems such as squamous cell carcinoma and moist dermatitis (skin hot spots) increase along with temperatures and amount of sun exposure, the most serious heat-related health issue is heatstroke. Holistic vets recommend some simple, commonsense steps that will help and also possibly save a pet’s life.

Natural Ways to Calm Fear and Anxiety

Caring Homes Sought for Aging and Abandoned Horses

An estimated 9 million horses in the U.S. are used for racing, show, informal competitions, breeding, recreation, work and other activities. Many need a new home when they start to slow down physically or when an owner’s finances become tight. Horses need space to run, require hoof care and when injured or ill, may require costly procedures. (read more…)

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