Moksha Center for Wellness Offers Group Life Coaching

Group life coaching is an easy way to become familiar with the process of life coaching. The group setting allows one to be coached directly or to simply observe others being coached. The latter can trigger the one listening to have insights into their own life and creates the potential for many learning opportunities in each session.

Life coaching is not about the coach giving opinions or advice about the client’s life and circumstances. Rather it is about the coach listening and reflecting back the truth of what is being discussed so that the client may see it from a clearer perspective and recognize other paths that may be available to them.

The understanding behind life coaching is that the client is the only person who has all the answers they need in order to have the life of their dreams, but that people can get stuck. This can be caused by prior decisions, labels about themselves that they have accepted, or doing what they think they should do rather than what excites them. Participants in group life coaching often leave feeling empowered and ready to take on whatever life brings.

Two group life coaching sessions are offered monthly. A session just for mothers, entitled The Village, is held on the second Thursday. The Evening of Coaching, a regular group session, is open to anyone and meets on the fourth Thursday. Both are held from 6 to 9 p.m.; cost is $30, due the Monday prior to the session.

Moksha Center for Wellness is located at 201 West Stone Avenue, Greenville. To register or have your questions answered, call (774) 234-7268 (774-2DISCOVER).