Managing Emotional Well-Being in the Holiday Season

by Monique Ravesloot

The book of 2018 is closing, reminding people to pause, reflect and let go. The new year is bringing a blank book, and the pen is in our hands. It is our chance to write a beautiful story for ourselves, but what if the holiday season brings about too much stress to sit down and write? Here are three tactics for managing emotional wellbeing during even the most stressful midwinter days.

Label Emotions

When happy holiday talk turns into heated debate, feelings could get hurt. While storming off in anger seems like a tempting solution, doing so could destroy valuable relationships. Instead, when your heartbeat is racing, try to identify up to five emotions you are experiencing. Labeling emotions activates neurological pathways capable of promoting coherent thinking, aiding in resolving conflicts strategically.

Looking Back From Beyond

Changing perspective can aid us in finding solutions to pervasive problems. When stuck in a difficult position, imagine yourself in the year 2028. Consider what this wiser, more experienced version of yourself in 2028 would advise you to do today. Pay heed to the message and implement where appropriate.

Imagine Being a Horse

Horses instinctively maintain equilibrium; a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced, so impactful stressors are removed and calm is restored. When horses are stressed, they run. When horses are tired, they sleep. When horses are lonely, they whinny. Seeking a sense of equilibrium means to acknowledge voids, pains and pangs of regret and actively work to address them before things get out of hand. Speak out when feelings get hurt. Sleep when eyes get teary. Stand up when boundaries are crossed.

May the coming year bring us courage to follow our dreams by managing emotional well-being, enhancing creativity and deepening relationships. May we live life to the fullest while enjoying each day of our adventure, and may we all live a meaningful 2019.

Monique Ravesloot is the founder of EquineFlow, located in Piedmont, SC. For more information, visit or call 864-906-7576