LifeWave Pads Available at Synergistic Nutrition

Synergistic Nutrition, in Greer, is now offering new light-emitting topical pad devices that transmit light into the body. According to, these pads cause the creation of a protein in the body that increases stem cell production and makes the stem cells younger.

“Without pills, you can dramatically increase your stem cell production and make the biological age of the stem cell younger. Simply apply one of these topical light-emitting pads to a specific area on the skin. After 12 hours of wearing it, you get the immense benefit of increased stem cells,” explains Stephen Heuer, nutripath and founder of Synergistic Nutrition, who received his degree in nutrition in 1990 and has been in full-time private practice since then. Heuer declares, “I’ve followed the cutting edge of nutritional science for many years, and I’ve seen what’s out there. These photoic-emitting patches are the most powerful products I’ve seen to date, and there are amazing testimonies available.”

Synergistic Nutrition takes online orders from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, and is open for in-person or phone consultations with Heuer by appointment.

Synergistic Nutrition is located at 160 Dewey Rd., Greer. For testimonies and more information, call 864-895-6250. Visit to learn more, and for Synergistic Nutrition’s website, visit