Life Path Hypnosis Holds Vision Board Party

On October 18, from 6 to 9 p.m., Life Path Hypnosis is holding a Vision Board Party. A vision board is a board on which the user pastes images and words that represent the things and events that the user would like to attract into their life.

Owner Geraldine Cook explains, “A vision board helps you begin the process of creating your goals. It’s about getting in touch with your creative side, and is a tool from your arsenal to help you focus specifically on those goals.” Cook will talk about how to do this, and will help attendees set their focus with the appropriate images and words.

“The goals can be specific for your love life, career, etc.,” Cook continues. “They can be for whatever you desire.” She provides most supplies, although attendees should bring a pair of scissors and may want to bring specific pictures, or printed quotes or words that resonate with them, such as printed photos or images cut out from magazines or newspapers.

She adds, “We open with a guided mediation to help you relax and open up, and then begin creating your goals!”

Cost: Free. Registration is required. Life Path Hypnosis and Coaching is located at 1015 W. Poinsett St., Greer. To register, call 774-239-4644 or email For for more information, visit