Letter From Publisher, September 2019

As we breeze into fall after a busy summer it’s time to think about recharging our batteries. Writer Marlaina Donato offers a comprehensive guide to ward off inflammation and premature cell death in “Age-Defying Bodywork: How to Turn Back the Clock.”

In this fascinating article she delves into how we can fortify the nervous system through massage, acupuncture and reflexology. At long last, even medical mainstream is embracing these natural health practices and recognizing they play a critical role in combating age-accelerating stress hormones like cortisol.

We also celebrate National Yoga Month with Donato’s take on “The Power of Yoga: Tapping Into the Life Force.” Another potent stress-buster, yoga’s contribution to mind-body fitness is proving to be a reliable defense against age-related loss of mobility, cardiovascular disease and depression.

The mind-body connection is also at the forefront of writer April Thompson’s “Ayurvedic Cooking: Ancient System Restores Balance.” Here, in one of the world’s oldest systems, food is medicine; the menu is seasonal and local; and timing and preparation are critical to rebalancing health.

Thompson provides some easy and deliciously healthy recipes. As I write this letter, I have just sampled my own batch of Crunchy Chickpeas and they definitely deserve a thumbs up in the guilt-free snack foods category. As someone who sometimes struggles with insomnia, I can’t wait to try her Golden Milk recipe before bedtime.

It’s interesting to reflect on the fact that these natural and rejuvenating health practices that require no prescription and were well known by our ancestors are now enjoying the medical recognition they deserve.

Another area not to be overlooked in this Natural Pet Issue is the beneficial impact of holistic veterinary practices on our pets’ health. This is particularly true for aging pets. Dr. Jeanne Fowler operates a holistic veterinary practice, All About Pets, right here in Travelers Rest. Some of the services they offer include homeopathy, Chinese herbology, acupuncture/cold laser, ozone therapy and prolo therapy—a treatment for painful conditions like arthritis that stabilizes chronically weak and unstable joints.

September is an issue to savor for both ourselves and our pets.

Peace and Blessings,
Roberta Bolduc