Letter from Publisher, May 2019

As is usually the case, we have some thoughtful and compelling articles to share with you in this May issue—aka, Women’s Wellness issue. I am particularly pleased to bring you our feature, Her Soul in Bloom: Self-Care for All Stages of Life, by author Marlaina Donato. It’s followed by a round-up piece, Upstate Community Weighs in on Women’s Self Care, that combines comments by three local, women-owned businesses who offer different types of self-care practices and products.

So much of the information contained in this month’s editorial reminds us that as women we want to “do it all”—have a successful career, raise healthy, well-adjusted children, keep a spotless house, prepare delicious and healthy food on a daily basis—the list goes on. As a working mother of three daughters I’ve lived that story and know just how impossible a task it is. I fervently hope that women reading this issue will take to heart some of the excellent advice offered and will step off the treadmill of trying to live up to the mass-produced, false image of the perfect woman.

The article in Healing Ways, Toxic Legacy: Breast Implant Warriors Unite, written by Linda Sechrist, is particularly heart-breaking. It documents the struggle for tens of thousands of women to be heard; after more than a decade of being dismissed by doctors, manufacturers and regulators, the FDA has demanded new research into the health effects of breast implants, citing deficient studies and warning that the devices will be pulled off the market if manufacturers fail to comply with proper protocols.

This action is long overdue. The self-image we as women are continuing to accept for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren must be dramatically revised. It is unconscionable that we have thrust upon us—and accept—a definition of “beauty” that is so wholeheartedly false, unhealthy and masochistic. We all know that our value as women is not tied to the shape of our noses, the color of our hair or the size of our breasts. Yet we continue to allow this conditioning to continue through our purchasing habits.

It’s time that we say no to skin care and cosmetics that contain known carcinogens and endocrine disrupters. Did you know that vaginal tissue is much more absorptive than other skin? It’s time that we demand feminine care products that do not contain toxic chemicals. It’s time to demand shoes that are pretty and comfortable at a reasonable price without damaging the bones in our feet.

Women have started to take back their power in the areas of sexual harassment and abuse. It need not and should not stop there. Just as we owe future generations a clean and healthy planet, our daughters and granddaughters have the right to expect that products they purchase, put on and in their bodies, and are told enhance their sex appeal are not killing them as well.

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