Letter from Publisher, June 2019

Dear Readers,

We are very excited to be premiering a new plant-based health section in our magazine this month that we are calling Nature is My Healer. There are a few reasons we decided to embark on this new offering.

First is the urgent need to regain our connection to nature. As we move further and further into automation in every facet of our lives and experience the new technologies that are required to support this, our knowledge and appreciation of our natural world seems to be dwindling.

Every month Natural Awakenings brings you articles on the importance of a healthy diet. Plant-based diets are encouraged by medical doctors and recognized for their contribution to maintaining a healthy immune system and keeping our bodies functioning at an optimum level. Herbalists and other experts on edible plants and their properties have much to share with us on how these wonderful gifts of nature can contribute to our health and longevity. In our new plant health section we will share this information with you in short pieces and longer editorial.

In just the last year there has been a lot of conversation about the healing properties of CBD and how cannabinoids can play a part in healing from inflammation and a host of other ailments. We feel it’s important for you, our readers, to be privy to the latest information and research to make educated decisions on whether and how these natural remedies can play a part in maintaining health for you, your families, and even your pets. We will be exploring CBD, its benefits, and its proper usage. You will also see advertisers’ offerings exploring the different types of CBD products available.

Since this is our Natural Pet issue, we feel it’s timely to bring you a well-researched article on using CBD oil for your pets. CBD for Pets: What We Need to Know, will provide you with what to look for when considering this type of healing option for your pets.

We hope you will enjoy reading our new plant health section. If you have any questions or ideas on what you would like to see addressed in future issues, please visit our website, UpstateNA.com and send us a comment. We look forward to exploring this topic with you in the coming months.

Peace and Blessings,
Roberta Bolduc