Kids’ Health Begins Before Birth

by Stephen Heuer

Intelligence, body size, attractiveness and coordination are all genetic expressions. Genetic expressions are the result of both hardwired, cannot-change genetics and epigenetics, the “switches” on the genes that influence cell expression. This is why we often hear that an herb or a nutrient will determine how your cells express either health or disease.

One of the greatest tragedies that has been going on for decades is that a child’s body can develop much more perfectly if mom and dad do preconception nutrition, gestational nutrition and lactation nutrition. Preconception nutrition for the father means he is taking the recommended supplements below and eating and drinking in a healthy manner, to ensure that he has healthy reproductive powers. If a mother is eating highly bioavailable proteins and fats, then her odds are better for developing not only a healthy child but also a uterus that can give birth in two contractions.

Evidence that most children are deprived of ideal nutrition prior to birth is that they have narrow jawbones. If mom does not get enough vitamin K2 in her diet then a child’s jawbone, skull and entire skeleton will not develop properly. Prior to 1945 all animals raised for human consumption got some grass in their diets. The vitamin K1 in the grass results in Menaquinone 4 in the milk, a form of vitamin K2. MK4 activates the body’s correct usage of calcium, resulting in increased bone formation and, in men, testosterone production.

Chemical agriculture took over in 1945, so from this point forward we see a progressive decline in child health. It took about 10 years to demineralize the vast farm soils across the U.S., so that by 1955 the most pronounced deficiencies started to occur. From the 1960s forward we started to see 90 percent of the population being born with narrow jawbones.

Without proper nutrition prior to conception, during gestation and during lactation, then a child is going to have diminished brain and body development. Reduced organ and tissue size result in a reduced production of neurohormones and neurochemicals. It is also possible that the reason for the drug culture beginning in the 1960s is that so many people appear to be deficient in mood elevation neurohormones due to the deficiencies in our food caused by the agricultural changes. This theory is borne out by the fact that people with robust health often have no interest in taking drugs.

A child has the best chance of having a fully developed body and brain—including higher IQ and better coordination—with proper nutrition, which includes preconception nutrition. To that end, the following supplements are recommended:
-A trace mineral supplement of 64 or greater (such as Liqui-Min);
-A cod liver oil that is not damaged by heat processing (such as Rosita’s Cod Liver Oil) which supplies DHA, the essential fat for brain development;
-Beef liver capsules, which provide all the B vitamins and RNA/DNA nutrients for healthy body development;
-16 ounces of fresh vegetable juice a day.

The following books explain the role nutrition plays in ease of birth and the continued physical and brain health of the child: Nutrition & Physical Degeneration and The Recipe For Living Without Disease. The necessity of vitamin K2 in the body is discussed in great detail in the book Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life. For quotes from that book and other related research, see Dr. Mercola’s article at

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