The Importance of Self-Regulation

Although human self-regulation is not an often discussed topic, it is the essence of our ability to heal. Our bodies are self-regulating organisms. For the most part, all we must do to survive is eat, drink and excrete. Of course there are far more complex processes involved in human life, yet our bodies, for the most part, self-regulate and self-heal. Self-regulation means self-healing.

Dr. Thomas M. Rau, of Paracelsus Klinik in Lustmuhle, Switzerland, describes how the body fills with toxins like a large drum. Our toxic load increases from the time we are born until it begins to pour over the top of the barrel as a symptom. We must reach in with a big soup pot and get rid of some of the waste, not just try to keep the outside of the barrel clean. Rau explains how the symptoms of disease are dramatically reduced by removing, or at least reducing, the burden: “Disease is an expression in the reduction of the body’s ability to regulate itself.” (Biological Medicine – The Future of Natural Healing, Dec. 2003, pg. 23)

If what is being said here is valid, then the opposite would be appropriate when applied to wellness, or the absence of disease. Wellness is the body’s ability to regulate itself. So if self-regulation is so critical we should be aware of the factors which reduce the body’s ability to regulate, and those which increase it. According to Dr. Rau, “The most frequent hindrances to healing at the present time are …dental foci (infections), causing fields of interference and toxicity.” (pg. 67)

With today’s technology most of these regulatory blockades—such as dental infections, metals, chemicals and other toxins, microbial imbalances, food intolerances and stress factors—can be removed. The more of these burdens which can be identified and removed, the fewer symptoms will be present. For identification of these burdens or stress factors, the use of subtle energetic measurement, also known as electro-acupuncture, is often employed. The process referred to as Electroacupuncture According to Voll, otherwise known as EAV, is “a big part of the Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) which focuses on measuring organs in the body. They are either balanced, weakened or stressed. EAV consists of the patient holding a negative electrode on his or her hand and the practitioner touching the body with a stylus. The EAV device generates a safe electric current.” (

For elimination of the stress factors, a detoxification program is often accompanied by system information therapy or bio-resonance, a process where the body is exposed to its own biorhythms. The website states, “To understand bioresonance, you must know that all vital processes in the living organisms are influenced and controlled by different electromagnetic oscillations. The human body radiates different kinds of frequencies: radio waves coming from internal organs; infrared waves coming from the head and the rest of body; optical waves emitted by the skin…During more than 20 years of research, carried out by well-known scientists in Germany and abroad, it was found that everyone possesses a unique spectrum of ultra-fine electromagnetic vibrations which can be electronically sensed, captured, processed and then utilized as therapy.”

Douglas Allen is a Heilprakitker who studied with Dr. Rau several times from 1997-2005. Allen is the owner of Harmony and Fusion, LLC, 220 Main St., Greer, whose services include subtle energetic measurement and system information therapy. For more information, call 864-214-6720.