Healthcare and Anti-Aging Treatments at InsideOut Fitness & Wellness

by Roberta Bolduc

Shay Hewitt is a born entrepreneur. In college, she decided to pursue a degree in pharmacy that led to a career in holistic health care.

This early grounding in biology, chemistry and physics served her well and eventually led to her becoming co-owner of InsideOut Fitness & Wellness, a wellness center that specializes in being fit from the “inside out”. Since 2018 the center’s focus has been on AmpCoil therapy using PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field). PEMF, while not very well known a few years ago, is now more universally recognized as a therapy to help energize damaged cells, restoring them to their natural state and thereby reducing pain and inflammation.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved PEMF for treatment of broken bones, severe depression, and postoperative pain and swelling. The AmpCoil is a form of neuro-biofeedback and delivers non-invasive sound wave therapy in a localized, fluctuating, natural field via PEMF.

Some of the affects reported from using AmpCoil PEMF therapy include regenerated blood cells; improved circulation; increased oxygen-carrying capacity of blood cells; stronger bones and joints; a healthier immune system; and an increased ability for vital organs, such as the liver, kidneys and colon, to rid themselves of impurities.

Until recently, AmpCoil PEMF therapy has been the hallmark signature of InsideOut Fitness & Wellness, along with biofeedback analysis, infrared sauna for detoxification, natural health supplements, and personal training.

Still, Hewitt didn’t stop there. Her goal is to be a wellness center where individuals can feel and look as healthy on the outside as they have become on the inside. “Feeling good about your appearance, like it or not, is rooted in our culture,” says Hewitt. This philosophy, plus her interest in state-of-the-art health therapies, has led to the introduction of blue light therapy as well as red and infrared light therapy.

Blue light therapy is a natural, pain-free treatment said to be clinically effective in destroying acne and bacteria and preventing future outbreaks from occurring. Acne develops when dead skin and excess oil join to form a plug that clogs the skin’s pores and hair follicles. This causes bacteria to grow and can trigger inflammation and infection.

Non-UV blue light is emitted into the pores, safely destroying the acne-causing bacteria. This is immediately followed by a specific dose of red light therapy to promote healing, reduce redness and prevent scarring.

Red light therapy—or photobiomodulation—impacts cells on the cellular level, and increases mitochondrial function and ATP production. It essentially “feeds” your cells to increase energy. Red light therapy has been used in clinical settings since the 1980s in Japan, China, Canada, Northern Ireland, Vietnam, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Some of the benefits reported from the use of red light therapy include the fading of scars and stretch marks; repairing of sun damage; rejuvenation of facial skin and increase of collagen in the skin to reduce wrinkles; activation of the lymphatic system for potentially improved detoxification; and improved hair growth to reverse balding. The FDA has approved red light therapy for chronic joint pain, slow-to-heal wounds, wrinkles, hair loss and acne.

A more important health benefit of red light therapy is the potential for improved thyroid function. Several studies indicate an improvement using light therapy in treatment of chronic autoimmune thyroiditis.

As reported by in May 2013, a randomized, placebo-controlled study of 43 patients was conducted in which half of the group received 10 sessions of low-laser light therapy (LLLT) and half received 10 sessions of a placebo. The findings suggested that the LLLT was effective at improving thyroid function.

Hewitt reports significant improvements in clients being treated for revitalization of skin tissue, hormone-related symptoms, and weight loss using red light therapy in combination with AmpCoil PEMF therapy sessions.

The wellness center has also introduced spa services that offer organic facials and a line of organic skin products that complement the red light therapy services.

InsideOut Fitness & Wellness is located at 996 Batesville Rd., Greer, and 35 Rocky Slope Rd., Greenville. For more information visit or call 864-608-9984.