Healing in Many Ways at Leigh Healing Center

by Barbara Bolduc

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for healing, the Leigh Healing Center may be right up your alley. The practice, formerly known simply as The Healing Center, provides a wide range of wellness practitioners to fill many holistic and alternative healing needs. The practitioners—each previously established as a professional healer on their own—have come together under one roof in order to provide easy access to multiple healing modalities.

Natural Awakenings spoke to Joan Massey, the practitioner who provided the inspiration for the center, in order to round up all the different options offered there.

The Leigh Healing Center has been at its current location in Simpsonville for seven years. It began with Tammy Forbes, LMBT, RMT, SCP, who provides therapeutic massage therapy, CranioSacral therapy, quantum biofeedback and reiki. Forbes previously worked in conventional medicine for over 27 years. Massey explains, “Tammy branched out to alternative medicine because she loves empowering people. She teaches techniques and provides information that enable her clients to participate in their healing process.”

Six years ago, Forbes invited Massey, an acupuncturist and herbalist, to join her in the quest to offer even more modalities that optimize an individual’s health potential. Massey came from a 30-year career in Western medicine, but at the age of 51 she went back to school to earn a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine. She has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbology for 12 years, and is passionate about making acupuncture affordable and accessible to anyone interested in improving their health. Massey specializes in community-style acupuncture, and explains, “Community style incorporates acupuncture in a fun, non-threatening environment, and we always include educational conversations designed to enrich all who chose to participate.”

In 2016, the Leigh Healing Center expanded, adding new practitioners. Wendy McCray, LMBT, RM, left a 25-year career in corporate America in order to recharge and follow her inner guidance, and subsequently found her purpose in life: “To serve by giving compassionate touch, listening with both hands and heart.” According to Massey, “McCray quickly built a successful massage therapy practice which includes Bellanina Facelift massage, Raindrop therapy, reiki, ionic foot detox and more.”

Hope Dennis, L.Ac, works with Massey in providing community-style acupuncture. “She was an immediate hit with the patients because of her gentle yet thorough skill set. People are able to relax and feel comfortable when Hope is working with them,” Massey divulges.

Christina LeBoeuf, also an acupuncturist and herbalist, has ”an amazing ability” to bring the best of modern healing modalities and blend them with ancient wisdom. Massey reveals that LeBoeuf is highly trained and skilled in electro-sound lymphatic drainage, thermography and zyto-autonomic response testing, with many more tools in her arsenal. Massey asserts, “Christina is great at combating complex, difficult cases that have not responded to other types of therapies.”

Massey reports that Dr. Erik Beauvais, DC—who calls himself “the portable chiropractor”—provides superior chiropractic care at the most convenient time and place for the patient. He joins the center at different times throughout the month.

Leigh Healing Center is always looking for additional ways to serve the needs of its clients. To that end, they soon will be adding an ayurvedic lifestyle coach.

Massey asserts, “Anyone who comes to the center will find a dedicated staff of caring practitioners. We individually and collectively strive to educate and empower our patients to find the answers they need to optimize their health potential. For those currently in a health crisis, or for those who just want maintenance care, we have a wide variety of tools to help you accomplish your health goals.”

The Leigh Healing Center is located at 3100 Grandview Dr., Simpsonville. For appointments or more information, each of the practitioners may be contacted directly as follows: Tammy Forbes, visit EssentialHealingTherapy.com; Joan Massey, call 864-406-3800, email Joan.Massey51@gmail.com, or visit AffordableAcupunctureByJoan.com; Hope Dennis, call 864-406-3800, or email AcupunctureHope@Live.com, Wendy McCray, call 864-270-8520, email Awakening-Touch@MassageTherapy.com, or visit Awakening-Touch.MassageTherapy.com; Christina LeBoeuf, call 864-516-6868, email TCMDoc29@yahoo.com or visit CarolinaHolisticHealthLLC.com; and for Dr. Erik Beauvais, call 864-590-0125.