Hawaiian Health Arts Programs Introduced to the Upstate

Kaleo Wheeler, owner of HeartFull Connections, is pleased to introduce programs from the Hawaiian Healing Arts to residents of the Upstate. Two programs are being offered at this time: Living with Aloha: A Women’s Path to Empowerment Program and Hawaiian Hula (not to be confused with the popular Tahitian dance form).

Wheeler, an ordained spiritual minister and Hawaiian Cultural Awareness consultant, explains, “Aloha: A Women’s Path to Empowerment” is a coaching program and step-by-step tool for women who are the nurturers and foundation of the family. It helps women embody their power and enjoy a better self-image, bringing strength and harmony to the family. Aloha is about learning unconditional love, understanding, forgiveness and acceptance, and fosters spiritual partnerships through Ohana: helping individuals to live their fullest potential.”

Hawaiian Hula is a moving meditation and a form of ancient storytelling. The program aids women to “step out of the daily Pilikia (trauma and drama) that is so much a part of today’s world, helping them free the mind, experience better health, and improve body image and self-esteem.”

“As women speak up for themselves over sexual harassment issues, it’s important to support more women in achieving the confidence to express who they are honestly, and to create a peaceful coexistence in all their relationships,” states Wheeler.

Wheeler’s coaching program is offered through private sessions in Spartanburg and is available through teleconference trainings and workshops. Hula classes are held weekly in Spartanburg and monthly in Greenville. Workshops on the Hawaiian Art of Forgiving through Ho’oponopono are also offered on a regular basis.

For more information on these and other classes and workshops, call 914-466-0015, email KaleoWheeler@gmail.com or go to KaleoWheeler.com and TheHeartOfAloha.org.