Harmony and Fusion Offers EMF Testing

With the rising interest in 5G and EMFs, Harmony and Fusion, in Greer, is now performing auto, home, and office testing for electrical fields, EMFs, and radio/microwave radiation. Testing usually runs from $80 to $120 depending on location and time necessary to complete the work. The company has also been offered the Upstate distributorship for the Power Perfect Energy Management System, an effective way to reduce energy consumption, protect electronics and appliances from voltage spikes, eliminate noise and “dirty electricity,” and lower EMFs in the home.

By cleaning up the seven key aspects of the electricity entering your home, the Power Perfect Energy Management System provides voltage regulation, phase correction, negative harmonics reduction, electromagnetic field reduction, resistance reduction, frequency regulation, and reduced energy consumption of up to 8 percent.

Douglas Allen, owner of Harmony and Fusion, has been working in the area of identifying and correcting electro-pollution for more than 30 years and had the opportunity to train in Germany with Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, the world’s pioneer in electro-protection. Allen is also the U.S. Distributor for Advanced Medical Systems GmbH, founded by Dr. Ludwig.

Harmony and Fusion offers testing services as well as remediation of EMFs and other forms of electro-pollution across the Upstate. The company is currently scheduling home EMF testing for the month of December. They are offering a $20 discount to Natural Awakenings’ readers.

Harmony and Fusion is located at 220 N. Main St., Greer. For more information, call 864-884-5115, email Energytools.biz@gmail.com or visit HarmonyAndFusion.com and TotalShieldPro.com.