Free Energy Efficient Home Seminar

On Tuesday, January 30, from 10 a.m. to noon, Energy Source Home is hosting a free seminar on how to build an affordable net-zero home, or how to retro your existing home to zero.

The seminar will teach the attendees how to save energy, money and the environment. Energy Source Home owner Rodney Leatherman states, “America is rooted from its beginnings in independence. Why would energy efficiency be any different? Americans long for the opportunity to break the strangle-hold of the utility companies. Although the technology has existed, the affordable aspect has not. With a complete understanding of the energy envelope, we delve into the particulars of becoming truly energy independent at an incredibly affordable price.”

Location: Exact location TBD. Please register by calling 877-224-1447. For more information, visit See Calendar section for event listing.