Finding the Balance Between Being and Doing

Shelly Smith, owner of Nature’s Way Home Counseling and Coaching Services, is pleased to announce the workshop, Being Versus Doing: Where’s the Balance?, at Heaven On Earth Farm in Pickens County, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m on Saturday, June 9. Smith is a licensed professional counselor and marriage and family therapist who specializes in body-centered approaches to emotional healing and personal growth. Most sessions, including this workshop, are held outside in the peaceful environment of her private property.

The workshop includes a discussion about the evolution of human “being” to human “doing”. Smith expounds, “Nature is our greatest example of how to stay present and grounded in beingness while we are ‘doing’. While we may have many demands on us, the amount of stress we have relates more to the energy that’s driving our doing and less with the doing itself. The birds, plants, and other wildlife are very busy this time of year and yet they are not tense, nor are they frantically doing. They are not driven by things like imaginary fears or the need for approval.”

Participants will be taught tools to help them uncover and release the unconscious programs that may be driving the “doing”. They will also learn how to let go of effort, striving, and control so that they may become more efficient and productive. A talk about introversion and extroversion will also be held to help participants discover an individual balance between being and doing.

Workshop provides 6 hours of continuing education credit. For more information, please visit