Enlighten Offers BrainTap Sessions for Deep Relaxation

Enlighten Wellness Emporium is now offering BrainTap, a tool to help overcome the ill effects of sympathetic (“fight or flight”) dominance in the autonomic nervous system. BrainTap creates a symmetry of sound frequencies, light synchronization and SMT (Self Mastery Technology) so you can rid yourself of negative self-talk to achieve life goals. “This technology is a safe, natural way to enhance the mind/body connection using lights, music and positive affirmations. Clients simply choose their session and essential oils; then position the BrainTap headset while relaxing in Enlighten’s comfortable, private setting,” says Jennifer Smith, CHHP, the owner of Enlighten Wellness Emporium.

BrainTap sessions are available for new and established clients, Monday through Friday by appointment. This service is included for those enrolled in the Guided Reboot Program or Wellness Mastery Program. All active or retired military or first responders receive five free sessions with a foundational or prenatal consultation.

There are over 300 BrainTap sessions to choose from, ranging from PTSD and addiction recovery to weight loss, focus and concentration. There are also sessions for children, including an entire autism series. Each session lasts an average of 22 minutes and includes customized aromatherapy for stress reduction and rejuvenation. Single sessions can be purchased for $30 or 6-session packages for $150 and 13-session packages for $300. Enlighten is currently the only practice in the Upstate offering BrainTap.

Smith partners with clients to incorporate epigenetic healing modalities ranging from nutrition, herbs and gentle detoxification to aromatherapy, light/sound therapy and whole-body vibration. Enlighten offers individual consultations, wellness programs, group classes, and a natural health media library.

Enlighten is located at 1541 Wade Hampton Blvd., Ste. 7, Greenville. For more information or to set up an appointment, call 864-483-3341 or visit EnlightenUpstate.com.