Eco Salon and Spa Opening in Clemson

Clemson’s first eco salon and spa will be opening soon. The Butterfly Eco Beauty Bar (also called “The Cocoon”) is conveniently located in downtown Clemson just a few blocks from campus. This one-stop beauty shop will include services such as hair, nail, and skin care; brow and makeup artistry; massage and physical therapy; and group yoga classes. Staff will be provided with ergonomic seating options to prevent work-related stress and strain, and they will have access to the in-house physical and massage therapist and yoga instructor. Customers will enjoy salon and spa services in an eco-friendly environment.

Owner N.J. Sullivan, a Clemson alumna, says her desire to assist with waste reduction from salon and spa visits manifested in the creation of the beauty bar. The Cocoon is currently renovating and hiring the staff for their green team. They are planning to open before the start of the August academic semester.

Many salons today are making the effort to provide services and products that are less harmful to their customers, their staff, and the environment. As a result, careful consideration is given to the use of water and electricity, and to reducing the accumulation of waste in landfills and waterways, such as hair color; hair clippings; foil and color tubes; and plastics. estimates that 63,180 pounds of hair clippings, 42,122 pounds of hair color, 109,512 pounds of foils and color tubes, and 206,392 pounds of paper plastic waste (421,206 total pounds) is generated by North American salons daily.

The Butterfly Eco Beauty Bar is located at 111 Earle St., Ste. D., Clemson. For more information, email or visit