Dillsboro Inn Introduces Moon School Yoga Resort Studio

The Dillsboro Inn—a nature-focused inn and yoga studio located on the shores of the Tuckasegee River in western North Carolina—is celebrating the completion of their new Moon School Yoga Resort Studio. The studio and adjoining deck will be the site of four weekend retreats beginning December 15 and continuing into January, 2018.

The three-day retreats will be conducted by owner TJ Walker, a horticulturalist and yoga instructor who began the practice of yoga over 30 years ago. Each retreat begins on Friday evening with a campfire and meditation, and culminates on Sunday. The theme, “Instill Sacredness into the Holidays” encompasses four right-of-passage yoga retreats over the 13th moon. Walker explains. “Restorative yoga and ceremony is the best way to let go, undo stress, and revitalize oneself with feelings of peace, sacredness and connection for the holidays.”

He continues, “We offer our experience and training of over 50 years of yoga, shamanism and environmental education. Merging these practices with ecotourism at our stunning location can bring about a feeling of connection with our bodies and Earth Mother, facilitating an affinity for ceremony to heal the Earth. This simultaneously brings about a deep healing in our neural pathways, body, mind and spirit.”

The Dillsboro Inn is located at 146 N. River Rd., Dillsboro. Call 828-586-3898 or visit DillsboroInn.com. For more details on the four retreats, go to our calendar section under these dates: December 15, 22 and 29. The January 12 retreat is shown under “Plan Ahead”.