December 2017 Letter from Publisher

by Roberta Bolduc

Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been special for me. I love the delicious aromas that fill the house in preparation for a holiday dinner. I delight in the smell of wood smoke, the sound of rustling leaves and the special beauty of trees changing into their winter dress. I enjoy the warmth and laughter of celebrating with family and friends. These are blessings I have taken pleasure in every year for most of my life.

Like most people who have raised a family to adulthood, there have been years when times were lean financially, when a sore spot in a relationship brought tension to the table or when the death of a loved one cast a shadow over the warm glow of a holiday dinner. Even so, I have been blessed beyond measure.

I am aware others have not been as fortunate. I have several friends and relatives who are grieving a recent loss. I know the bittersweet realization that the world still spins, news is still reported, and life goes on. I also know that each passing year the pain is less and the memories are more happy than sad.

We are living in a time of unprecedented change. I believe we are in the midst of a spiritual shift that, if we are ready, will result in a more just, peaceful, and caring world. Feminine energy is rising on the planet. We desperately need a feminine perspective. The first step is for women to value and respect themselves and demand the same from others. We need to ground or establish this feminine influence, balancing it with male energy which at this time is out of control.

We are seeing the first steps of this with the sexual abuse scandals that are dominating the news and the “Me, too” response to this. Women are finally recognizing that they have so much more to be valued for than their sexuality. Women are giving each other the strength to stand up to those in power and say no, I will not accept this treatment, or be quiet about it or just go away.

We are entering a long-awaited new age of truth and balance.

Peace and Blessings.

Roberta Bolduc