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News Briefs.

LivingWell Integrative Healthcare is pleased to announce the addition of Amy Pittard, RN, to their staff. Pittard graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science in nursing in 2011. LivingWell is excited about the value that she will bring to the practice. Pittard has a strong interest in integrative medicine and the maintenance of good health, and will improve patient care. (read more…)

The natural and mostly organic beauty products created locally by Silver Wing Essentials are now available for purchase at two local businesses, Moksha Wellness Center and Blend Hair Salon, both located in Greenville. Until now, these products were only available online, and purchasers would incur shipping costs. (read more…)

Group life coaching is an easy way to become familiar with the process of life coaching. The group setting allows one to be coached directly or to simply observe others being coached. The latter can trigger the one listening to have insights into their own life and creates the potential for many learning opportunities in each session. (read more…)

About 30 protestors organized “die-in” protests on Wednesday, May 10, in front of Senator Lindsay Graham’s office and on the town square in Pendleton to protest the House of Representatives’ passage of the American Health Care Act (AHCA). (read more…)

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