Chiropractic and the Newborn Baby

Many people are unaware that newborns can look beautiful and healthy on the outside while having health issues on the inside, causing troubles with feeding, sleeping, colic, multiple ear infections (which, untreated, will lead to the necessity of tubes), and more.

A condition known as vertebral subluxation, which occurs when one or more of the spinal bones lose their proper alignment and put stress on the central nervous system, can rob a newborn of their health and vitality. This is because the central nervous system controls and coordinates all bodily functions, from immune response to heart and lung function. If the central nervous system is interfered with, the newborn cannot function optimally, which shows up in different ways depending on what part of the central nervous system is being interfered with. This condition can happen during the delivery, especially if forceps or suction is used, but even during a natural delivery a spinal bone could be displaced by the obstetrician.

Chiropractors are the only healthcare professionals who are trained to locate and remove vertebral subluxations from the spine. To give your newborn the best start in life, have them checked shortly after birth by an experienced family chiropractic doctor.

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