Born to Build Greener Than Green—Energy Efficient Homes

by Linda Sechrist

No one understands the holistic concept of homebuilding like Rodney Leatherman, founder of the EnergySource home. Leatherman’s unique whole systems approach to the home design and building materials used in his affordable, energy efficient homes embraces the concepts of interrelationships and connectivity, important home issues that are frequently overlooked by architects and builders. For example, Leatherman cites the significant differences between the average homeowner’s annual $2,200 energy bill and an EnergySource homeowner’s zero energy bill.

Nearly half the cost for heating and cooling is directly related to windows, doors and insulation. “The windows used in an EnergySource home, which add to the aesthetic look of the rooms, are designed to optimal standards that minimize the home’s heating, cooling and lighting costs. Depending on the EnergySource technology that the homebuyer selects, the result is zero energy bills or their energy costs average less than $50 per month,” says Leatherman.

Dedication and Commitment
Passionate about making sure that the potential homebuyer gets to check off everything on their “wishes and wants” list for a zero-energy home, Leatherman is also dedicated to offering Empty Nesters the energy saving benefits of downsizing to smaller yet beautifully appointed living spaces. He’s also committed to making sure that weekend wanderers in search of a getaway second home don’t have to give up energy savings for quality, beauty and comfort.

Building Technology Beyond Any Industry Standards
“We have hundreds of affordable floorplan solutions with efficient building components from the foundation and footing to the roof. Any of them can be built with technology that results in ultra energy savings,” advises Leatherman, who helped to develop today’s technology for net zero energy homes while working with scientists and researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) near Knoxville, Tennessee. This multi-program science and technology national laboratory is the largest science and energy national laboratory in the U. S. Department of Energy system. “Eventually I created my own energy-efficient specifications and designs for building materials such as windows and doors,” says Leatherman, whose building technology has created zero energy bills for homes or bills less than $50 per month.

Peace of Mind for the Homeowner
“An EnergySource home that includes geothermal technology has a consistent temperature throughout, which means that even in the winter, the temperature on the floor is the same temperature as that on the ceiling level. Our technology and holistic approach to building, whether it’s a luxury home, tiny house, hospital, church or school, is not affected by outside temperatures. It doesn’t matter where any one of our homes is built; we know what the energy consumption rate is going to be. This gives the homeowner the peace of mind for their monthly budget,” explains Leatherman.

Achieving a Balance Without Sacrificing Beauty and Convenience
A futuristic thinker with a heart for conserving Earth’s natural resources, Leatherman is a man born for this time in history to help solve two of the world’s major dilemmas—energy conservation and balancing environmental responsibility, economic demands and comfort—without sacrificing convenience. He does it one home at a time, moving green building from marginal to the mainstream.

At his free seminars in the Greenville area, Leatherman explains the benefits and savings that are the result of building ultra-efficient energy-saving homes, and offers in-depth information on his advanced designs and superior building components such as geothermal heating and cooling, a renewable energy source that has an extraordinarily long life span and lower maintenance costs with no pollution. “This is part of the proprietary technology used in EnergySource designs,” advises Leatherman.

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