Belue Farms Natural Market Phases Out Plastic Grocery Bags

To help reduce plastic pollution, Belue Farms Natural Market is phasing out the use of plastic grocery bags. Beginning January 1, 2019, the store will no longer use plastic grocery bags; instead, customers can purchase reusable totes, thermal totes or paper bags for $1.99, $9.99, or 10 cents each, respectively, or bring their own bags. The store will also have some recycled shipping boxes available at no cost.

The market started its campaign in 2016 to minimize plastic bag use by donating 10 cents to local charities for each plastic bag not taken by customers. It also started selling reusable bags and thermal totes and noticed a dramatic increase in the number of customers bringing their own bags. Totes and thermal bags sold at the market are sturdy enough for a variety of uses without contributing to the plastic waste stream. The store will continue to donate 10 cents to local charities for each reusable bag customers bring with them or purchase at the store. Since the bag donation effort began, donations have been made to several charities.

Owner Harriett Belue Peeler says, “Since we started reducing plastic bag use two years ago, customers have been very receptive to our efforts. They not only like the sturdiness of our totes, but appreciate that their efforts are benefitting the environment as well as our community. It’s been a win-win program for everyone. Our market promotes healthy food but also healthy habits, so phasing out plastic bags supports our mission to promote wellness for our customers and our planet.”

Belue Farms Natural Market is located at 3769 Parris Bridge Rd., Boiling Springs. For more information, call 864-578-0446 or visit