All About Pets Offers Holistic Heath Services for Pets

Dr. Jeanne Fowler and her veterinary practice All About Pets is well known in upstate South Carolina as the place to find holistic health services for your pet. As well as holding a degree in Zoology, Dr. Fowler is certified in acupuncture, in veterinary orthopedic manipulation and in Chinese herbal medicine. She also attended the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy in 1997.

According to Dr. Fowler’s website, in holistic medicine “Disease is seen as a disruption of the energetic flow of the individual, which needs to be strengthened and balanced to return to health and harmony.” She is cautious in using drugs to treat symptoms and notes that sometimes “drugs only suppress the symptoms while the underlying disease continues to worsen.” She still uses conventional medicine and finds it “wonderful for treating acute emergencies, for repair of mechanical defects (e.g., fractures), and for most bacterial infections.”

The holistic services provided include homeopathy, Chinese herbology, acupuncture/cold laser, ozone therapy and prolo therapy–a treatment for painful conditions like arthritis that stabilizes chronically weak and unstable joints caused by an injury to the supporting ligaments. Nutrition is seen as an important component of a healthy diet, and Dr. Fowler notes that a sure way to create food allergies is to feed one recipe over a long period without variation.

In summary, Dr. Fowler’s view is that “Holistic medicine works great for chronic degenerative diseases, chronic pain, immunodeficiency, allergic conditions and behavior problems. In most cases, this is a slow process that can have ups and downs before the patient’s condition will return to balance. But it is worth the journey.”

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